Sander Electric Furnace being prepared for a NADCAP Temperature Uniformity Survey
August 28, 2015
The world’s first full-featured, pocket-sized thermal camera
October 4, 2017

Go Visco!

Dynisco, the recognized leader in “pellet to part, lab to production” technology, gives the plastics extrusion industry a window into its process with yet another advance in material analysis, control and product repeatability. Experience the benefits of on-line extrusion rheology with Dynisco’s ViscoSensor. Reduce machine downtime, minimize scrap, improve quality and increase profits! The ViscoSensor tests physical, mechanical, and thermal properties of polymer materials WHILE the extrusion process is running. Improve the extruder’s efficiency and adapt control parameters to changing material conditions, as you run – no more waiting on the lab’s analysis and feedback for current material conditions. For more information or to determine if the ViscoSensor is right for your process or with help determining how quickly the ViscoSensor will pay for itself, call Schlemmer at 800-733-3298

Dynisco ViscoSensor Brochure