Portable 4-Zone Igniter Furnace Control System
December 16, 2008
Chemical Room Custom Temperature / Power Control System
February 2, 2011

Ircon Modline & Modline Plus Upgrades Made Easy

Attention! Ircon Modline and Modline Plus users. If you would like to upgrade your old infrared temperature systems to the latest Ircon Infrared System, life has just become a little easier. Schlemmer has designed a 2-panel plus custom enclosure system (pictured at the left) that is a direct replacement for the obsolete Modline and Modline Plus systems. The Schlemmer System features the new, more accurate, and easier to use Modline 4, 5 or 7 IR Sensing Heads connected to an enhanced, more accurate electronic package. The new electronic package has been designed to fit in the same panel cutout so installation is a snap. All alarm outputs, control outputs, retransmission outputs, comms connections, etc are connected to the same numbered connections as your existing system. Call us toll free at 800-733-3298 to discuss how we can help make the upgrade painless and simple.