Insertertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter
August 16, 2013
Brand New Temperature Controller Designed Specifically for Plastic & Rubber Extrusion Machine Applications
August 29, 2014

Instrumentation Integration/Installation/Calibration/Maintenance Services

Schlemmer Associates, in business for 50 years, focuses primarily on process instrumentation and control. During those 50 years, requests from the field have included: trouble shooting, repairing, engineering & design, integrating & installation of various types of control equipment and systems. As a result of the requests and the Schlemmer commitment to continuously improving their capabilities, following is a partial list of our services performed in our lab or at a customer’s facility: IR Temperature Instrument Calibration * AMS Furnace & Oven Temperature Uniformity Surveys * AMS System Accuracy Tests * Control Loop Certifications * Thermocouple & RTD Certifications * pH Sensor Transmitter Controller & Recorder Certifications * Flow Meter Calibrations & Certifications * Process Transmitter Certifications * Note – All certifications are provided traceable to NIST – AMS service is provided compliant with 2750E specifications & ISO 17025 – Flow meter certifications & calibrations are provided by Flow Technology