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November 20, 2018
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BLH Nobel Makes Crane Weighing Easier

BLH Crane

BLH Nobel provides highly accurate embedded weighing solutions that will meet the legal-for-trade standards (OIML,). The BLH solution increases process efficiency and productivity.  By weighing while lifting, one eliminates the need to place the load on scales between each step of the process. BLH and Schlemmer will work with you to provide custom-designed load cell solutions that integrate directly into existing equipment and installs with minimal downtime.

Our customers have seen ROI as quickly as one shift!

Process Optimization

Load cells have been used in cranes for weighing and overload protection for years. A load cell pin (shown below) can replace existing crane shafts without expensive equipment modifications. Today, the accuracy of the load pins, together with compensating systems, are so precise a crane scale can replace static floor scales and improve production rates by reducing the need of unnecessary stops.

Functionality for weighing in cranes:

The load cell, used in conjuction with the BLH Nobel G4 controller, can gather, track, and trend the following information:

  • Sum/diff of individual load cells calculated (main hoist)
  • Total load of crane calculated (multiple hoist cranes)
  • Adapted screens with operator information
  • Special log for maintenance usage
  • Maintenance data output to formatted text file
  • SWP calculation for optimum service interval
  • Line length weight compensation
  • Mean value calculation
Nobel Crane Weighing

BLH Nobel Brochure: Weighing and Force Measurement Control Systems for the Steel Industry

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