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Pyromation Multi-Point Sensors

MultiPoint Installation

Pyromation Inc, a manufacturer of precision temperature sensors since 1962, has introduced their recently re-engineered and revised line of Multi-Point Temperature Sensors and Transmitters.

Measuring Temperatures Throughout the Manufacturing Process in Various Industries

Temperatures often vary within a manufacturing process.  However, a single Pyromation multi-point sensor can measure temperature at numerous points throughout the process.  There are a variety of standard and custom configurations, (examples shown below) and are constructed with commonly used RTD or thermocouple technology.  Widely used in, but not limited to, the Oil and Gas www.pyromation.com/oilandgas and Chemical Industries https://www.pyromation.com/chemical/, this single sensor has been successfully applied in temperature measurements for storage tanks, piping systems, ovens/kilns furnaces, airflow ducts, grain bins, heat exchangers, railcar and truck tanks, chemical vessels and more.

Pyromation Temperature Sensor 1
Pyromation Temperature Sensor 2
Pyromation Temperature Sensor 3

Data Sheets and Brochures

For the Multi-Point Temperature Sensors Data Sheets or to download the Multi-Point Temperature Brochure, please click the links below:



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