December 28, 2005

Wireless Potable Water Monitoring System

A local steel producer wants to consantly monitor potable water levels and pressures in two separate supply wells. When water levels fall below defined sepoints, pumps […]
November 3, 2005

Medical Batch Mixing Flow Control System

When a medical company wanted to automate a product batch mixing process, they called Schlemmer Associates. We designed and built a flow control system that accurately […]
August 8, 2005

Outdoor pH Monitoring System

A consumer products company wanted to monitor wastewater pH levels and install the system outside. The system came mounted and prewired in a fiberglass, NEMA-4 enclosure […]
August 8, 2005

Solar-Powered Wireless Pressure System

Another municipal water company wanted to monitor water pressure and wirelessly transmit the signal to a remote location. This time, no power was available. The system […]