November 8, 2013

Instrumentation Integration/Installation/Calibration/Maintenance Services

Schlemmer Associates, in business for 50 years, focuses primarily on process instrumentation and control. During those 50 years, requests from the field have included: trouble shooting, […]
February 2, 2011

Chemical Room Custom Temperature / Power Control System

This high power control system was designed and built to withstand the environmental riggors of a steel company’s chemical room. A sophisticated process controller and two […]
May 5, 2010

Ircon Modline & Modline Plus Upgrades Made Easy

Attention! Ircon Modline and Modline Plus users. If you would like to upgrade your old infrared temperature systems to the latest Ircon Infrared System, life has […]
December 16, 2008

Portable 4-Zone Igniter Furnace Control System

This system is designed to control the temperature and the applied power to very small furnaces. The “igniter” furnaces have several heat zones and are used […]